The birth rate is declining in Sweden, as SVT Nyheter Halland has recently reported. In addition, the economic situation in society is strained.

In light of this, the Sweden Democrats in Halland are now proposing that the region investigate the possibility of handing out a package to first-time parents with various products needed for a newborn baby, such as clothes, sheets and hygiene items.

Maternity package – inspiration from Finland

The inspiration for the idea comes from Finland, where new mothers are offered a so-called maternity package, but even there the birth rate is falling.

"It was incorporated because there was a high infant mortality rate about 70 years ago. So it's hard to say that it hasn't helped in any way. Since you've had it for so long, it has still had some positive effect, I think, says Stina Isaksson (SD).

Hear more about the proposal and reactions to it in the clip above.