• Politics Vox pressures the PP to open an "institutional conflict" in the Senate to stop the amnesty
  • EU The European People's Party warns Sánchez that he may lose European funds due to the amnesty

The Bureau of the Congress has rejected this Tuesday, with the votes of the PSOE and Sumar, the request of the PP that the governing body seek the opinion of the General Council of the Judiciary and the Fiscal Council on the amnesty law proposal that the PSOE has agreed with the pro-independence ERC and Junts.

According to 'popular' sources, their representatives in the Bureau have defended the convenience of the governing body of judges and also prosecutors pronouncing on a law as relevant as the one that seeks to amnesty those accused in the Catalan independence process and which, from their point of view, is unconstitutional.

The request for this type of report is mandatory in the case of bills, but not when it comes to bills, which is the way that the PSOE has used to process the norm in Congress.


Precisely, the PP insists that it was Minister Félix Bolaños and not spokesman Patxi López who was in charge of presenting the initiative at a press conference in Congress. At the time, he was acting Minister of the Presidency and has now also taken on the Justice portfolio to ensure its implementation.

And they point out that Bolaños himself explained that it was a "bill" that was "conveyed through a bill of law," so, they argue, it should have those reports from the CGPJ and the Fiscal Council.

The PP maintains that both bodies could help clear up doubts and clarify some of the terms contained in the bill and denounces the refusal of the groups that make up the coalition government.

Vox has also requested that a report be requested from the CGPJ, but it did so on Monday without giving time for the matter to be included in the agenda of the meeting of the Bureau on Tuesday. The request is expected to be considered next week and will follow the same path.


In addition, the Bureau of Congress has submitted to the Board of Spokespersons the brief of reconsideration presented by the PP against the qualification of the Amnesty Law. The 'popular' maintain that it is an unconstitutional text and want the governing body of the Chamber to revoke its decision to give the green light to its processing.

The Bureau will make a final decision on that appeal after hearing the Board of Spokespersons, which is not scheduled to meet until next week. In any case, the PP's request has no prospect of going ahead, since both the Board and the Bureau are in favor of the bill continuing its processing in Congress.

Once the Bureau of Congress definitively rejects the PP's appeal for reconsideration, the 'popular' will have a free hand to appeal to the Constitutional Court for the qualification of the amnesty law.

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