The 28-year-old was convicted of serious drug offences in the major gang case in Sundsvall last autumn. The so-called Swish list is a list of payments to the 28-year-old via Swish made by about a hundred private individuals in the Sundsvall area.

An analyst has been working to find the names of some people on the list, people who the police suspect have committed drug crimes. The transactions under investigation go back several years.

"We have initiated a preliminary investigation into narcotics offences and we have limited ourselves to the next few years in the investigation," says Michael Kurtti, who works as the head of the preliminary investigation.

The statute of limitations varies

In the case of minor narcotics offences, the statute of limitations is two years, but extends up to ten years for more serious narcotics offences.

Michael Kurtti does not want to say exactly how many people the police have targeted.

"We've started on a small scale and we're going to get started before Christmas. After that, I don't know how it will end, but there could be quite a few," says Michael Kurtti.

Long list of names

There are many names on the list that the police will not contact.

"We've picked out cases where we think it's about narcotics, where the evidence is pretty good, and then we're testing with them and seeing what it ends up in," says Michael Kurtti.