On 23 November, the National Food Agency Skåne visited Kebab Döner to follow up on the company's remedial shortcomings. Among other things, the meat had been close to moldy walls, samples showed the bacterium listeria and there were inadequate hygiene routines among the staff.

"But now the company has cleaned the premises, trained the staff and shown that they can handle food safely," says Karin Cerenius, head of unit at the Swedish National Food Agency.

The meat sold after the ban on 25 October has now been recalled and destroyed.

"We were also on site when the meat was discarded," says Karin Cerenius.

New analyses of the kebab

The CEO of Skåne Kebab Döner says that the company has worked intensively to once again be able to handle food in a safe way.

"We've done everything we can. We've cleaned, put up new stainless steel walls and carried out tests and analyses on the kebab," he says.

A total of seven tonnes of banned meat reached the market despite the ban.

Has all the meat been recalled and destroyed?

"On the whole, yes. But of course, there may be a lot of kebabs that have reached the consumer," says Karin Cerenius.

The National Food Agency will continue to carry out follow-up inspections at the company to ensure that Skåne Kebab Döner complies with the authority's requirements for food handling.