In August, he was found murdered in a nature reserve north of Stockholm. He was missing for 22 days from the family home elsewhere where he was placed by the Social Services Board.

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Linköping Municipality is now making its own report to the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (Ivo). This is because they want to get a review of how the social and care administration has handled the case.

In-house internal audit

The boy's own internal review shows that the boy's death is not due to a lack of management on the part of the municipality. But now the municipality wants an external independent party to review the case.

"Because of the tragic outcome, we want to be reviewed by our supervisory authority to see if we can improve," says Acting Director of Social Affairs and Care Susanna Lundstedt, in a press release from the municipality.

The municipality can improve

On the other hand, our own review showed that there are some things that the municipality can improve.

  • Ensure that the internal procedures for collaboration, exchange of information and division of responsibilities in connection with placements in consultant-supported foster homes are up to date and that all relevant staff are aware of these.
  • Update the procedure for specially appointed guardians for children placed in care.
  • Implement the routine for placed children's schooling.

SVT Nyheter has previously reported that the father's lawyer previously reported the social services in Linköping to Ivo.

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In mid-August, Layth, 14, is found murdered in a green area in Upplands-Bro. Earlier, another boy, Mohamed, was found dead outside Nynäshamn. Here's what we know about the murders. Photo: SVT/Privat