Monique Olivier trial: Michel Fourniret's ex-wife claims to have been "used" by her husband

Monique Olivier, the ex-wife Michel Fourniret, the rapist and serial killer who died in 2021, has been appearing since Tuesday morning before the Hauts-de-Seine Assize Court for complicity in the kidnappings and murders of two women, Marie-Angèle Domèce and Joanna Parish, and a little girl, Estelle Mouzin. After expressing her regrets at the beginning of the hearing, the accused was questioned at length about her life path. A rather sluggish interrogation, which quickly focused on her 16-year relationship with Michel Fourniret. Implicitly, there was this question: was she the dregnit wife she describes or the instigator of the crimes?

Monique Olivier, the ex-wife of serial killer Michel Fourniret, in front of the Nanterre Assize Court, on November 28, 2023. AFP - MIGUEL MEDINA

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With our special correspondent in Nanterre, Laura Martel

Monique Olivier stutters, gets lost, little help from a directive president, who often cuts her off. We quickly pass over her childhood, between a "fickle and indifferent" father and a "kind but alcoholic" mother, she says, school stopped at 16, a violent first husband and then a second: an American in search of papers who describes her as "a poor woman in search of guardianship".

It was at this time, in 1987, that she began her correspondence with Michel Fourniret, who was incarcerated for several rapes. 200 letters exchanged in a few months, in which their "criminal pact" was knotted in crude and clear terms, explains one expert. Fourniret will attack her ex-husband, she will help him find young virgins. "You knew why he was incarcerated, and you knew the program for the rest of the year!" The President said. "Yes," the defendant admits with a smile on her face, "but I regret all that," she adds softly.


All of it "these things"... As soon as we touch on crimes, the terms become more vague, the sentences incomplete. On the other hand, it clearly states that Fourniret "used" it. "He would tell me: 'Don't try to understand, you obey, that's all'. I should have had the courage to intervene, but he scared me. "You always present yourself as a victim. Every man pushes you to another, and to the worst. But where is your responsibility? A lawyer asks him.

The defendant suddenly straightens up: "I won't say anything more. That way, people won't say I'm a victim anymore," she snaps, before slumping down again: "I'm completely lost, I mean, I always need someone to guide me." "Fourniret," the council continued, "described you as 'a dangerous pity', what do you say?" The accused almost chokes up: "Dangerous me? Not at all."

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