"It's great that there are so many of us young, it feels better when you start here than if the average age had been higher," says Trixie Rombin.

She started working at the company right after high school, just like her colleague Linn Heikkinen.

"When there are a lot of people of the same age, you see that people work their way up from the start, which is fun," says Linn.

"I think you'll get comfortable"

Vansbro municipality has the lowest youth unemployment rate in the country, according to the Swedish Public Employment Service's latest statistics from September.

None of the employees we meet at the beauty company currently believe that they will start studying further even though they have the opportunity. They would rather keep working.

"I think you can get comfortable working if you start working. But you can also develop in your professional life," says Birgit Gunnarsson, who started working this summer after graduating from high school.