When cat rescuer Teddy came to the rescue, it was the fifth time that Kitty had been stuck in the pine treetops at Vetterstorp and her owner Katia Tingberg has been thinking about taking a climbing course.

It has cost about SEK 3,000 per hour to have an arborist take Kitty down from the trees.

"And arborists bill regardless of whether they get the cat down or not, one time he couldn't get her down for an hour and left. Ten minutes later, Kitty came down by herself.

Veterinary check

Katia says that she also takes Kitty to the vet after her visits to the treetops.

"You should do that because they can be harmed by being stuck without food and water, but there has never been anything wrong with Kitty.

Do you think she'll calm down over the years?

"Yes, she's six years old now and I think it's gotten a little better anyway, we'll see.

In the clip: Here, Teddy rescues Kitty the cat from the tops of the pines.

The Expert: Why Cats Climb Trees – But Have a Harder Time Getting Down

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Join us for a walk with Dharken the cat, who likes to climb trees and fly up on the shoulder of both his owner Josefina Zidar's and SVT's reporter – in the middle of the interview. Photo: Hanna Eklund