The plans began to be forged in 2017 and a result on a smaller scale was presented in 2021. The construction has now begun, and in 2026 it will be able to start delivering steel without carbon dioxide emissions.

"We are very hopeful," says Martin Lindqvist, President and CEO of the global steel giant with 2,300 employees in Oxelösund.

Largest emitter of carbon dioxide

SSAB is the county's largest private employer, but also the largest emitter of carbon dioxide. For several years, there have been plans to make manufacturing more or less free of these emissions.

However, this requires enormous amounts of electricity and for several years a process has been underway around the power line that will deliver that electricity. Right now, the case is being appealed to the Land and Environment Court of Appeal by several landowners along the road.

They are not against the pipeline as such, but would rather see it buried – which would take longer than building it in the air.

"We'll see how that process goes, but that's probably the big uncertainty factor," says Martin Lindqvist.

Costs 6.2 billion

According to SSAB, a total of SEK 6.2 billion is being invested in the construction of the new plant.

In the clip: See pictures from the start of construction and hear the SSAB CEO answer questions about the project.