The U.S. Orchestra is a music ensemble from Kiev that performs Ukrainian folk music on ancient instruments. They have traveled around several places in Sweden to perform their music.

During the weekend, the tour ended in Luleå.

"I would like to thank you for the warm welcome and for Sweden's support to Ukraine. It feels and is very important, says musician Andrii Levchenko.

During the concert, concern was expressed about what could happen if Russia wins the war.

"Unfortunately, Russia wants to erase not only the Ukrainian people from the face of the earth, but also our culture," says visitor Natalia Hammarberg.

"Very grateful"

Ukrainian refugee Olena expressed her gratitude:

"I'm very grateful for the opportunity to hear live Ukrainian music here in northern Sweden! I am deeply touched and feel proud of the musicians.

The concert was held during the memorial days for the victims of the Ukrainian famine Holodomor. Between the pieces of music, the musicians shared information about the tragedy.

"I think one of our tasks, in addition to cultural enrichment, is to talk about famine, talk about genocide. Unfortunately, I understand that it is not a very "musical" issue, but we are responsible citizens of our country, says musician Sergii Postolnikov.

Hear the folk music and musicians as well as visitors in the clip.