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Analysts and experts spoke to the Israeli media about the conditions and method of handing over detainees during the temporary truce between the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Israel, as they considered what is happening as a sign of the victory of the resistance and proof that it is still strong and running things according to its plans.

Amit Siegel, an analyst at Israel's Channel 12, said Yahya Sinwar's account of the detainees, confirmed by Israeli investigative agencies, was surprising.

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Channel 13 analyst Tzvi Yehezkieli said Hamas raised the slogan "The Middle East Bazaar welcomes you" because it bets on the time factor and on Israel's patience because it knows very well the demands of the prisoners' families.

"Thus, after 50 days of war, we communicate and deal with Hamas and wait for what its spokesman will say, and this is exactly what the movement wants," he said.

"Hamas is still present in the West Bank, people there are celebrating and raising its flags, and in Gaza residents have received facilities but have not demonstrated against it, so it is steadfast," he said.

Reserve General Amos Yadlin, former head of the IDF's intelligence division, said Hamas controlled the southern Gaza Strip in an organized field and was able to bring in the prisoners according to agreed regulations at the specified time and place.

Thus, Israel is not even halfway to achieving the declared goals of the war: the elimination of Hamas and the return of detainees and prisoners, according to him.

Former Knesset member Astrina Tartman said that Palestinian prisoners are released on Hamas' terms, and that the Israeli government cannot exile them to Gaza because it is committed to the terms of the truce, which means that Hamas is in charge and Israel is subject to its conditions all the time.

Shirki, an analyst at Channel 12, said Hamas is still on its feet and has contact between its operatives in the northern and southern Gaza Strip, and is strictly implementing the terms of the truce, "which means that Sinwar is successfully managing the battle."

Ohaid Haimo of Channel 12 said that the current ceasefire confirms that Hamas still controls the north of the Gaza Strip and not just the south as we thought, saying, "They talk to us about isolated teams inside the tunnels, but the truth is that Hamas obliges its fighters everywhere to cease fire and it seems that the command and control strike is much less than we wanted."

Tali Gottlieb, a member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, went further, saying that everyone in Israel has a responsibility to restore the prestige of the state and take back the prisoners because the war that began with defeat on October 7 must end in victory.

"I will not stand silent while Hamas releases the detainees by dropper. The word occupation is not harsh, and I say with my full mouth that we have to occupy northern Gaza and rebuild settlements there."

Not only that, Gottlieb asserted that "the blood of my fierce enemy is wasted, he was born to die and because the land is sacred to him according to his beliefs, we must confiscate his land, we must do it as we did when the state (Israel) was established."

Yaniv Hagai, a resident of the settlement of Yeri in the Gaza periphery, said Hamas "has been running our affairs for 20 years. They know when to start and when to end it on their terms. Once an emergency, once normal life, once missiles, once balloons, and so on."

"They are the ones who decide everything in the Gaza envelope, and now the government has to admit that they decide everything that happens throughout Israel. We have to take the initiative and have a vision and decisions, otherwise we will remain attached to what Hamas wants and decides."

Source : Al Jazeera