It was at the Sweden Democrats' national conference that party leader Jimme Åkesson said that he wants to stop the construction of more mosques.

After the statement, Muslims in Luleå have become worried. Not only for the planned construction of a mosque in the municipality, but also for what other countries will think of Sweden.

"Blacken our country"

The imam thinks it is good that the Prime Minister has made a statement, even if he thinks Kristersson could distance himself more from the statement.

"This statement is to defame our country's name throughout the world," says Rizwan Afsal, imam of Islam's Ahmadlyya congregation in Luleå.

Inviting associations

In the future mosque, the idea is that the Muslim Association will invite to seminars. The Jewish community, non-Muslims and non-religious people will also be able to have events in the mosque.

"When you live in a house or in a country, you have to show sympathy and mutual respect to each other. Even if you have different opinions and different backgrounds, you still have to respect each other.

Hear the imam about Åkesson's statement in the clip.