The Chancellor of Justice, JK, is not at all happy that the Gävle District Court approved the compensation that Thomas Bodström wanted when a person who was charged with serious narcotics wanted the Stockholm-based lawyer as his defense.

Quarter of a million

When the trial ended, the Gävle District Court approved Thomas Bodström's compensation of almost a quarter of a million kronor. The amount included, among other things, SEK 39,150 for loss of time and SEK 10,175 for expenses. The compensation was to be paid by the State.

The Chancellor of Justice does not like this decision and is appealing it to the Court of Appeal in Sundsvall. The Chancellor of Justice believes that it is not the state that should bear the extra costs that arise just because a defendant chooses a lawyer who has his or her practice far from Gävle.

No special knowledge

There is no special knowledge required for the case in question that a local lawyer does not have, according to Mari Heidenborg, LL.M. in her appeal. She believes that there are no particular reasons why the state should bear the extra costs.

The Chancellor of Justice wants the Court of Appeal to decide that compensation for loss of time and expenses to Bodström should correspond to what a defence lawyer who had his business within 100 km of Gävle would have received.

Below: this is how SVT reported at the trial.

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Hear from one of the defendants' lawyer Thomas Bodström after the trial in October 2023. Photo: Police preliminary investigation/SVT