In October last year, Gavlegårdarna decided that 9 apartment buildings on Trädgårdsvägen would be demolished and that new houses would be built.

The residents were given two years to find new apartments.

12 leases left

Now, a year later, pretty much everyone has moved. Of the 123 leases, only 12 have not been terminated," says Lena Isokivelä, Head of Department for Business Development at Gavlegårdarna.

She can't say exactly how many people are actually still living there, as some have given notice of termination of their apartments but have not yet moved. In addition, there are residents with so-called demolition contracts where they will live while the area is demolished.

Moving after 12 years

One of those who has not yet moved is Håkan Jansson, who has lived in the area for 12 years.

"There are three of us left in this stairwell. In the other houses, there are a few people. I'm moving to a new apartment in February.

He hasn't had any problems finding a new place to live, but he's been a little worried about other residents in the area.

"There are many elderly people in the area who may not be very good at using computers and searching the internet. For them, it's not as easy to find something new themselves.

Demolition autumn 2025

Håkan Jansson and the other tenants will be out by the end of next year. Demolition is planned for autumn 2025 and new tenants are expected to be able to move into the 2027 apartments to be built in 200.

"We have not yet taken a position on whether the previous tenants will be given priority for the new apartments. But they will probably have so many queue points that they can move back if they want to," says Lena Isokivelä.