The Recoletos station will reopen this Tuesday, although traffic will be provided on one track on the Atocha-Recoletos section, according to Renfe sources.

Traffic will be provided with restrictions due to the limitations that will still be generated by single-track circulation in that section, which will affect commuter lines and medium and long-distance trains that run on that route.

According to the same sources, the limitation of the operational capacity in the Recoletos tunnel will force the service to be provided as follows: On the one hand, the Recoletos station will be opened and the service will be provided on a single platform, with a stop for trains from Guadalajara and El Escorial, since circulation is provided in a restricted way on a single track.

On the other hand, trains from the Green Corridor to Atocha will end and start service in Atocha and trains from the airport will end and start service in Nuevos Ministerios.

Likewise, trains from Príncipe Pío to Chamartín will end and start their service in Pitis.

For its part, Renfe will also maintain an alternative transport plan for Medium and Long Distance trains that have Alcázar de San Juan, Jaén, Almería or Extremadura as their origin or destination.

In this case, trains to Almería, Jaén or Extremadura will depart from Chamartín and will take an alternative route, called 'contour', to Villaverde Bajo. There, the trains wait for the passengers who had originated in Atocha, from where they leave in Cercanías to Villaverde Bajo to transfer to the train to its destination.

In the case of travellers originating in Almería, Jaén, Alcázar de San Juan and Extremadura, they will arrive at Aranjuez or Leganés, respectively, and there they will transfer to Cercanías trains to Atocha.

According to sources, Renfe is updating the information through all its channels and customer service and Adif and Renfe technicians have been working since Sunday afternoon to resolve the incident to restore traffic on the two tracks between Atocha and Recoletos and recover full normality as soon as possible.