There are various apps and websites where aurora enthusiasts share both pictures and forecasts when it can be expected to become northern lights.

"Then we give each other tips on where to see best," says Sermon Shaba.

Sermon Shaba started photographing the northern lights in 2015 and has had an exhibition of aurora images at Sörmland's museum earlier this year. On what trait a Northern Lights hunter should have, Sermon Shaba's answer is:

"Patience, you have to sit and wait for the sky to start dancing, so don't give up," he says.

Sermon Shaba has traveled north to see the northern lights, but he'd rather stay here.

"It's more unique to see the northern lights here in Sörmland and here you also find new friends and can spread the joy of seeing the northern lights," he says.

In the clip, he shares his tips on how to best see the Northern Lights.