Early ultrasound has been requested by expectant parents in the county for a long time, according to Region Västerbotten. In several places in the country, pregnant women are offered early ultrasound – from 28 November, it is also offered in Västerbotten.

"We've expanded our workforce and decided to work longer in the evenings to start this," Cowley said.

Many advantages

An early ultrasound can, among other things, mean that the midwife can detect certain abnormalities earlier and if the pregnant woman is pregnant with twins, which is good for the planning of the pregnancy.

– Also find serious deformities earlier. For the healthcare system, it is an easier abortion in week 13 than in week 19, says Mari Cowley.

The midwife can also make dates that are more reliable, which in the long run can mean fewer inductions and interventions. Something that makes it easier for both the healthcare system and the pregnant woman.

Midwife: "Equal maternal care"

In the past, some pregnant women have sought out private clinics to have an early ultrasound – now Mari Cowley hopes that the announcement will make maternity care more equal.

"It feels good that it won't be a question of money," she says.

Hear midwife Mari Cowly talk about what an early ultrasound can mean.