According to the police, the drug gang has been a major player in the drug trade in Sweden. They have traded large batches and sold to other networks, both in Sweden but also in Finland and Norway.

Linked to the biker gang Bandidos

A total of nine people are in custody on suspicion of involvement in the gang, several of them have links to the motorcycle gang Bandidos. One of the detainees, a man suspected of aiding and abetting a particularly serious narcotics offence, is registered in the northern part of Örebro County. Two more of the suspects are accused of committing crimes in the county.

"Some are members of the Bandidos or sub-clubs, some are transporters and one person has smuggled the drugs into Sweden. They have had different roles, says reconnaissance leader Per Björkman.

"Large quantities of narcotics have been brought in or purchased. Then they have sold in the next stage in Sweden, but also Norway and Finland.

Extensive investigation awaits

Exactly how long the network has been buying and selling drugs, the police do not want to say at present. But as time has gone by, the drug gang has emerged as an increasingly important player in the underworld.

An extensive investigation is now awaiting before charges can be brought. But the police believe that this can affect the development of violence in Sweden.

"Clearly, this has been a central network for drug sales in Sweden. Clearly, it will have a big impact.