"It's best not to go out on the roads today," says Carl-Fredrik Holmberg from the emergency services in Robertsfors.

A number of traffic accidents have occurred along the coast of Västerbotten on Monday. Among other things, a serial collision with a total of ten vehicles at the height of Sävar. Twelve adults were involved. Three were taken by ambulance to the University Hospital of Umeå and four to a health centre.

Orange warning for Tuesday

According to the Swedish Transport Administration, the road conditions are very difficult with a risk of slippery roads, snow drifts and snow smoke along the E4 from Nordmaling up to Lövånger.

The weather will continue to be difficult. The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) has issued an orange warning that a lot of snow may fall in combination with strong winds throughout Tuesday. It is expected to come 15-30 cm of snow and it will continue to snow for another few days.

Latest news about the snowstorm along the coast of Norrland

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Buses are stuck in Svingen in Umeå

Three buses and a number of cars are stuck in Svingen in Umeå after Monday's snowstorm. According to SVT's reporter at the scene, there is a total stop in traffic at the site.

Sara Wallin/SVT

Madeleine Harrati


29 min

Mats• It's snowing in Valbo outside Gävle. Snow smoke and poor visibility.
Drive carefully.

32 min

Anna• The electric buses in Umeå do not work in winter. Problems last year, and the other day it snowed significantly less than today and a bus had problems getting up the hill to the Mariehem Centrum stop. Understand that they have big problems today

35 min

Dwell• How are the road conditions in Skellefteå?

Hi Bo! Right now it seems to be messiest on the E4 up to Lövånger. But the Swedish Transport Administration warns that there is a risk of snow smoke and slippery roads in the Skellefteå area as well. Road 372 towards Skelleftehamn is reported to be very difficult road conditions, with slippery roads, snow drifts and snow smoke.

Maria Ehrlin


36 min

Severe weather cancels the Holmö ferry

Due to the harsh weather, the Holmö ferry is cancelled. It is not expected to be operational again until Wednesday at 06:00. The time is subject to change.

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40 min

The buses are stuck in Svingen in Umeå.

Madeleine Harrati


49 min

S.• It is said to be worst on the stretch between Nordmaling and Sydmaling.

Yes, it looks like it could be really awkward!

Maria Ehrlin


54 min

Disruptions to bus services: "Challenges everywhere"

During the day, there have been several disruptions to local traffic along the coast caused by obstacles on the road and buses that got stuck.
"There seem to be challenges everywhere and the weather warning hasn't even come into force yet," says Nina Lindberg, communications manager for county traffic.

"Expect delays"

Tomorrow there is a great risk of continued disruptions.
"Delays are to be expected. It is up to each transport company to make the assessment of whether it is safe to continue driving and whether it is safe to drive," says Nina Lindberg.

Travelers are encouraged to keep an eye on traffic information on Länstrafiken's website.

Maria Ehrlin


Today, 15:28

Here, several cars get stuck in a roundabout at Ersboda in Umeå.

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Madeleine Harrati


Today, 15:16

Umeå municipality warns of delayed school transport

The weather may cause problems for school buses in Umeå on Monday afternoon and Tuesday.

Taxis will warn that there may be delays on school car rides due to the snowfall.

Madeleine Harrati


Today, 14:35

Two cars in collision outside Bureå

Two people in separate cars have collided on the E4 just outside Bureå, Skellefteå municipality, at the level of the junction at road 821. The accident occurred around 14 p.m.

There is no information on the extent of the damage.

Emergency services say that it is slippery, poor visibility and poor road conditions at the site.

Updated 15:34 p.m.:

The road will be open again at 15 p.m. The cars will be towed from the scene.

Madeleine Harrati