• Together Aitana, Sebastián Yatra and a passionate kiss that would confirm their idyll

Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra has confirmed his breakup with Spanish singer Aitana on the microphones of the Mexican channel Telediario: We love each other a lot. We are and will be great friends in life. At the moment we are both single, we are each living our own path, but I love her very much and we live a very beautiful story this year."

The interpreter of 'Tacones rojos' thus confirms the rumors of separation that began after Aitana's absence from the Colombian's wedding. While Yatra traveled alone to Medellín, the artist of 'Las Babies' went to Zarauz (Guipúzcoa) where she coincided with her ex, the actor Miguel Bernardeau, at the funeral of a mutual friend, the Basque surfer Aritz Aranburu.

Speculation continued on November 16, due to Aitana's absence from the Latin Grammys held in Seville. An important date for the Colombian who, in addition to being nominated, was one of the presenters of the gala and performed.

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