U.S. President Joe Biden has announced an action plan that includes more than 30 specific measures, including the launch of a new council at the White House to strengthen supply chains, and with less than a year until the presidential election in November next year, it is expected that the aim is to strengthen economic security and control inflation and appeal to voters.

President Biden held a press conference on the 27th and announced a new action plan that includes more than 30 specific measures to strengthen supply chains.

Specifically, we will establish a new council in the White House to drive a long-term government-wide strategy.

In addition, in addition to building a mechanism to strengthen supply chain monitoring by sharing data among ministries and agencies, the government will invest in strengthening the domestic production system of pharmaceuticals in accordance with the Defense Production Law.

The package is designed to appeal to voters by strengthening economic security and curbing inflation with less than a year to go until next November's presidential election, as supply chain disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic contributing to record inflation.

At the press conference, President Biden emphasized that inflation has come down significantly due to the policies so far, and said, "Prices are still too high, and for many families, it is a tough time and there is work to be done."