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Ozzy Osbourne had been saying for some time that he was going to stop touring, and at the beginning of the year he made the decision to retire from the stage due to his health. The musician has realized that the vast majority of his former partymates have passed away and swears he's not exaggerating when he claims he should have died before many of them.

The rocker is not proud to have survived them and is very realistic about the impact that all his excesses and addictions have had on his life expectancy.

"Look, I recently told Sharon that I had smoked marijuana, just a little bit, and she said, 'Why are you doing that! It's going to kill you.' I said, 'How much longer do you want me to live?!' At best, I have ten years left, and when you're older, time goes by much faster," he said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Ozzy Osbourne with his wife Sharon in 2014

It's unclear if Ozzy has received any recent diagnoses to back up that calculation, but the truth is that in recent times he has faced serious health problems: in 2020 he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and suffers from many ailments due to different accidents.

Earlier this year he went under the knife again to deal with the aftermath of a fall he suffered in 2019 in his own home, and during the operation they found a tumor near a vertebra that they managed to remove completely. However, their sense of balance has been irreparably damaged.

Ozzy Osbourne strolling through Los Angeles with an assistantGTRES

All these experiences have made him think long and hard about death, and although it doesn't scare him, he is clear that he does not plan to suffer as his father did because of cancer: "I like the idea that if you have a terminal illness, you can go somewhere in Switzerland and have it done quickly."

For the time being, Ozzy has moved with his wife Sharon back to the UK, where they own a mansion in the countryside, because he knows he will be able to enjoy more peace and quiet away from the paparazzi. The only thing he would like to do before leaving this world would be to get back to performing live for his fans once again.

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