American activist Megan Woolley documents the names of children who were killed in Gaza over the course of 16 days (social media)

American activist Megan Woolley surprised TikTok pioneers by documenting the names of children who were martyred during the 48 days of the Israeli war on Gaza, through videos.

For 16 days until Sunday, November 26, 2023, Wali documented the names of Gaza's martyrs emphasizing the value of their individual lives.

"This is the 16th day of reading the names of the children killed in Gaza, always remember the names of these children, we have a good number of families," Woolley said in her latest clip.


Day 16. Paying respect, showing respect, empathy and humanity go a long way. I'm humbled daily at how far these reach. Say their names. Remember their names. The children of Palestine. Al Ghandour Youssef Fares Youssef (9) Nesma Muhammad Badr (9) Al Laham Mona Fawzi Zuhair (7) Youssef Mohammed Ahmed (6) Youssef Fawzi Zuhair (4) Ezz el-Din Saeed Nabil (3) Shaima Saeed Nabil (<1) Safi Zakaria Abdel Karim (9) Tala Hassan Abdel Karim (9) Barika Menat Allah Imad Muhammed (7) Rafan Iyad Ahmed (6) Ahmed Iyad Ahmed (4) Al Wadiyah Maryam Muhammed Jawad (9) Nabil Abdulkah Nabil (8) Lara Muhammad Jawad (7) Sarah Muhammad Jawas ( 7) Omar Abdullah Nabil (6) Moaz Muhammad Jawas (<1) Al Eid Aseel Suleiman Ahmed Sheik (8) Muhammed Mustafa Ahmed Sheik (4) Muhammed Yassin Ahmed Sheik (2) Ahmed Mustafa Ahmed Sheik (2) Hoor Yassin Ahmed Sheik (<1) Al Haddad Waseem Adnan Saeed (10) Hadeel Adnan Saeed (8) Nada Thabet Rahbi (4) Dina Adnan Saeed (4) Ahmed Shadi Talal (<1) Mahmoud Sared Al-Haddad's yarn (<1) Al Batsh Hamza Rabie Atef (7) Tala Rabie Atef (4) Al Arair Muhammed Mahmoud Ramadan (8) Zaid Mahmoud Ramadan (6) Amani Omar Imad (2) Imad Iyad Imad (1) Tanboura Sama Muhammad Rafifah (9) Karam Nouri Rafifah (8) Muhammad Bahaa Rafifah (5) Bilal Muhammad Rafifah (5) Tara Nouri Rafifah (5) Dia Saeed Anan (4) Rafifah Nouri Rafifah (2) #fyp #freepalestine #freepalestine🇵🇸❤️ #saytheirnames

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"Repeat their names, remember their names, we will continue to work, we will not abandon them, we will not back down and just show some respect, take a moment to remember that these are children under the age of ten."

In another TikTok clip, Woolley explains why she recorded these videos documenting the names of Gazan children's martyrs, saying, "I saw a very rude comment saying that they can't read some children's names or people in general... This comment really angered me because some of you call your children by names like Apple, North, Malibu Barbie. Their names, religion or place of birth really don't matter, their lives are priceless."


Daily reminder to have a heart & learn that other languages are beautiful, other cultures are beautiful, lives are valuable and it takes NOTHING to just stfu if you have nothing nice to say. #freepalestine

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The American activist added in another clip, "For those of you who do not know me... I am Reagan, the girl who sits on the ground and registers her respect for the names of the children who died in Gaza. I took a week off and wanted to explain why it was preoccupied with me, but the truth is that TikTok doesn't like what I do, but it took me a week."


I have not given up. I've wisened up. The algorithm or whatever social media games that are being played will not win. We are back to honoring these children today. Say their names with me. 🇵🇸❤️ #freepalestine #saytheirnames #fyp

♬ original sound – Magen Wooley

"The videos are short. One minute and 5 seconds, two minutes, two minutes and 17 seconds, 4 minutes trying to download, 4 minutes almost every 10 minutes I try to download, only 30 seconds of reading the name as fast as possible, I was disgusted that I had to hurry to read these names in 15 to 30 seconds to upload them, so I tried again and I think the method will work, and we are back to it today, Palestine is free."

In another clip, Woolley said, "I'm tired of dancing around TikTok's algorithm, I'm simply trying to read the names of children under the age of 10 who have been killed. I saw a video of someone telling me that these children are born and suckled in bread hating Jews and Christians, and they think that this is the only way so that they do not sympathize with the children and want to continue this terrorism."

"Keep up this war. These children who read words from the Qur'an want to reclaim their land, and believe that the highest honor is to die as a martyr for your cause and uphold the word of God. But if you've never been wronged before, you don't know what it means because you haven't tried it."


I have no caption for this. I will resume typing full names and ages when the list I read isn't over 200. If you don't understand or have it in your heart that every part of this is terror, absolutely horrific and that the men, women and children being lost to this needs to stop, globally, then this video isn't for you. I beg of you to look past what the news is telling you and see for yourself but also look outside just your POV. Just because a group of people don't use their freedom the way you do.. doesn't mean they don't deserve the freedom to make those choices. Never again meant for everyone. Yes, including the men, women and children in Israel for those of you who need me to say that to make my point valid. I condemn ALL terror. I want safety and freedom and peace for all children. Hate begets hate, violence causes more violence. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Open your eyes. Lead with love. Just because a group of people doesn't care about another.. doesn't mean we can't. I guess I did have a caption. Free P a l e s t i n e. #fyp #freepalestine #saytheirnames

♬ original sound – Magen Wooley

Entire families from grandfather to grandchildren were wiped out of civil registry lists in Gaza due to the Israeli war on the Strip, where the Ministry of Health and Palestinian human rights organizations documented that some 123 families were subjected to genocide.

Of this number, 55 families were completely erased from the civil registry, all of whom were martyred either by bombing houses over their heads without warning, or being targeted on the roads while trying to flee to safer areas, while the remaining 123 families lost at least 5 of their members in one crime.

Students from Harvard University documented the names of 10,<> martyrs killed as a result of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, in a sign of solidarity to express the suffering of the Palestinians.

A video clip published on the eighth of November / November showed a number of university students writing the names of the victims of the occupation on a long board extended on the stairs of college buildings and the outer courtyard of the university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Students at Harvard University write down the names of 10,0 Palestinian martyrs who have fallen since the beginning of the war on Gaza #GazaWar #فيديو<>kZbBuRAGk

— Al Jazeera Palestine (@AJA_Palestine) November 9, 2023

At Harvard University today, at the main library, students wrote & read out the names of the 10,000+ Palestinians Israel killed in the last month. We know and remember them all, by name, in our hearts, forever. May they find eternal peace; and may we nonviolently seek the same.

— Rami G. Khouri (@RamiKhouri) November 8, 2023

Over the past 48 days, the Israeli army has waged a devastating war on Gaza, leaving 14,854 Palestinian martyrs, including 6,150 children, and more than 4,36 women, while the number of injured has exceeded 75,<>, including more than <> percent children and women, according to the government media office in Gaza.

Source : Al Jazeera + Social Media