American entrepreneur Elon Musk visited Israel on the 27th and agreed to provide communication services using satellites to the Gaza Strip in Palestine and other areas subject to the approval of the Israeli government.

This was revealed by Israeli Communications Minister Karui on the former Twitter account X owned by Musk.

According to it, Musk has agreed with the Israeli government to provide services of SpaceX's satellite communication network "Starlink", of which he is the CEO, to the Gaza Strip and Israel.

Last month, Musk announced his intention to provide Starlink services to international aid groups operating in the Gaza Strip in response to a near-disrupted phone and internet connection.

On the other hand, the Israeli side objected that it could be used by the Islamic organization Hamas, but the agreement says that the approval of the Israeli government is a condition for the operation of the service.

In addition, Mr. Musk visited a settlement in southern Israel attacked by Hamas with Prime Minister Netanyahu on this day, and in a conversation with the prime minister, he supported the military operation against Hamas and said, 'The challenge is to stop propaganda that incites the killing of Jews.'

This month, Musk posted a comment in support of an alleged anti-Semitic post on X, and the ripples are spreading, such as multiple companies canceling the posting of ads on X, and this visit seems to have counteracted it.