Ayman Safadi (third from right, first row) in a group photo on the sidelines of the UfM Forum (French)

Ayman Safadi, Jordan's deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs and expatriate affairs, said that what is happening in Gaza falls within the scope of the legal definition of genocide, yet "some still reject the call for a ceasefire and we demand that it be implemented immediately."

"We all agree on the need to respect international humanitarian law, that displacement is unacceptable, and that there should be no more killing," Safadi said at a press conference on the sidelines of the UfM Forum in Barcelona, Spain.

The Palestinian people had to decide who governed them, and any talk of the post-war Gaza Strip should focus on the West Bank and Gaza as a whole.

Safadi said in remarks on Saturday that "Israel will not enjoy security by killing Palestinians, as security will only be achieved by settling the conflict and the two-state solution."

The remarks came during a joint press conference in the capital Amman with Slovenian Foreign Minister Tanja Faillon and Portuguese Foreign Minister Joao Cravinho, as part of an official visit by the latter two to the Kingdom.

Safadi also considered that Israel "commits war crimes, in clear violation" of international law, and that it "attacks anyone who does not agree with its policy."

He also stressed the need for the international community to pay attention to the attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank, noting that this year is the deadliest for Palestinians in more than 10 years.

Jordan announced on November 16 that it would not sign an energy-for-water exchange agreement with Tel Aviv in light of the war on the Gaza Strip, and this agreement was scheduled to be signed last October.

Safadi said in an interview with Al Jazeera, "We will not be able to continue the energy-for-water agreement, because no Jordanian minister can sit next to an Israeli minister to sign an agreement while they are killing our brothers in Gaza."

The Jordanian Foreign Minister also stated in other previous statements that the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is an endless idea, and whoever wants a different situation must meet the rights of the Palestinian people, stressing that Jordan rejects any talk of managing Gaza after the war through Arab or non-Arab forces.

Source : Al Jazeera