Czech Republic: Strike and anti-austerity protests

Strikes and demonstrations are taking place on Monday 27 November in the Czech Republic to protest against the government's austerity policy. The lack of money in the fields of education or health, but also a high inflation rate for many months, convinced teachers, workers or students to participate in the movement.

Thousands of protesters march through downtown Prague on Monday, Nov. 27, 2023. AP - Petr David Josek

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With our correspondent in Prague, Alexis Rosenzweig

Seven thousand: that was about the number of schools on strike on Monday in the country and the number of protesters in the capital, according to Czech media. That's not a lot, out of a population of 10.5 million, but it's still a relatively high figure in a country where strikes and protests are rare.


I came to demand lower food prices and because this government is ineffective," said the protester in central Prague.

Paradoxically, it is the founder of an agro-industrial empire, opposition leader Andrej Babis, who is taking advantage of the crisis in the polls and calling for the immediate resignation of the liberal government of a coalition led by the conservative Petr Fiala.


What we have done may provoke protests from the trade unions, but it strengthens the confidence of the international environment, of the rating agencies, which is important for foreign investors and for the economic success of our country ", said the Czech Prime Minister in defence of his government's austerity measures.

Inflation – which has been in double digits in previous quarters – is a scourge that weighs on the Czech economy and primarily affects the lowest-paid, including some teachers. Workers are not to be outdone, with thousands taking part in the movement, especially in the Skoda car factories, where production was suspended for two hours on Monday.

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