When the municipality examined the opposition's collected list for a referendum on increased fees for municipal councillors, it was found that several signatures were invalid.

The opposition and the Civic Coalition have wanted the list to be reviewed again and believe that the right number of names have been collected.

"It has not been done right, when it is such a small margin that is missing, we demand a review directive. It's incredibly diffuse.

Appeals to the Administrative Court

The question of a referendum was referred back to the previous council. On Monday, it is clear that there will be no vote, which Sydöstran was the first to report.

Now the matter will be decided in court, as Louise Erixon (SD) will appeal the decision to the Administrative Court.

"Yes, of course. We do not believe that the decision will stand up in a court of law. We now have about three to four weeks to appeal," she told SVT.