The 20-year-old is the 13th person in Skåne to be suspected of this crime, which is said to have taken place in Malmö between 23 and 26 August.

"The aim was to shoot at an apartment where people were. However, the whole thing was stopped, says public prosecutor Martin Johansson, who does not want to go into the motive.

Introduced this summer

Over the next two months, four people were arrested and detained, two of them 15 years old.

Exactly what the 20-year-old's involvement of minors consisted of is unclear. According to the offence heading, which was introduced in the middle of the year, it is about both the preparation and the commission of crimes.

'Serious crime'

Since last summer, 84 people in Sweden have been suspected of the crime. In Skåne, there are twelve cases, both serious and less serious crimes.

The 20-year-old is the 13th person to be suspected of this crime. The other crimes he has been detained for, and for which the 15-year-olds are said to have been involved, are preparation for murder and aggravated weapons offenses.

"These are very serious crimes that the young people have been involved in. In the event of a conviction, it affects the penal value, says public prosecutor Martin Johansson.