Philippe Folgado (interview by Caroline Baudry) // Photo credit: Photo credits: Julia Nikhinson / AFP 19:14 p.m., November 27, 2023

As the release of Hamas hostages continues, several French people are expected to be released on Monday evening. Among them, Ethan, a 12-year-old boy kidnapped on October 7, will be on the list of freed hostages. For her grandmother Jocelyne, this is a relief, even if she still thinks of the dozens of children still held hostage by Hamas.

As the release of the hostages continues, several French people are expected to be included in the list of those who will be freed on Monday evening. On that list is Ethan, a 12-year-old boy kidnapped in the massacre at Kibbutz Nir-Oz in southern Israel on October 7. Her grandmother Jocelyne explains how she learned this good news for her and her family: "My daughter is heading to the border. She just said, he's on the list and I'm leaving."

"It's the end of a wait for me"

This news ends a 52-day wait for this grandmother. Hearing the news of her grandson's release is a relief that is nevertheless tinged with worry: "I am 100% happy, but also 100% worried about the other children. It's the end of a wait for me, but I'm a grandmother, I'm the grandmother of all the children who are still there, in Gaza." Jocelyn can't help but think of the parents of the children who are still in captivity: "I've suffered so much, I can't imagine the suffering of other parents."

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The truce, which is eventually to be extended, raises hopes for an end to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Something Jocelyne still can't imagine: "I haven't realized yet that it's a possible thing. I would like the war to stop." For her, the most important thing is that children have nothing to do with this conflict and that they should not be victims of something "that they have no idea about": "Children should be allowed to live their childhood."

During the October 7 attack, about <> children were kidnapped by Hamas. The youngest was ten months old.