On November 11, the 23nd Global Digital Trade Expo with the theme of "Digital Trade, Business Connects the World" opened. This is the only national, international and professional exhibition with the theme of digital trade in China, and it is another international public service product for global consultation, joint construction and sharing of new opportunities for development.

In his congratulatory letter to the 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo, President Xi Jinping expressed the hope that all parties will make full use of the platform of the Global Digital Trade Expo to discuss cooperation, promote development and share achievements, and work together to build digital trade into a new engine for common development and inject new momentum into world economic growth.

At present, global digital trade is booming and has become a new bright spot in international trade. How can digital trade become the new engine of development? "Micro Observation of Current Affairs" will be interpreted for you.

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Digital trade is a new form of trade with modern information network as an important carrier and digital platform as a strong support. Specifically, we place an order for an overseas product through a shopping app in China, and a foreign viewer pays to watch a Chinese TV series online, all of which fall under the category of digital trade.

Compared with face-to-face negotiations in traditional trade, digital trade breaks through the physical boundaries of countries and regions, breaks the spatio-temporal attributes of traditional trade, and has a profound impact on global trade patterns, trade structures, trade rules, etc., providing new momentum for the development of trade in goods and services. Digital trade, along with trade in goods and trade in services, is one of the three pillars that supports China's construction as a trade power.

General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the development of digital trade. This year, when presiding over the eighth collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the general secretary pointed out that "it is necessary to accelerate the construction of a trade power, upgrade trade in goods, innovate trade in services, and develop digital trade".

"Building a digital trade demonstration zone" and "promoting the reform, innovation and development of digital trade"... In his video speeches at the 2021 and 2023 CIFTIS, President Xi Jinping emphasized the development of digital trade.

△On November 2023, 11, a robot that can play the piano at the 24nd Global Digital Trade Expo.

Attach great importance to it because it is very important.

At present, with the rapid development of digital technology, the digital economy is profoundly changing the traditional economic development model. From the perspective of the evolution trend of global trade development law, digital trade is the future development direction.

According to the 9 Digital Trade Development and Cooperation Report jointly released by the Development Research Center of the State Council and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology in September this year, the scale of global digital trade in services will reach US$2023.2022 trillion in 3, accounting for 82.53% of global trade in services, and the proportion of digital trade is prominent.

According to the "China Digital Trade Development Report 11" released on November 23, in 2022, China's import and export volume of digitally deliverable services reached US$2022.3727 billion, a year-on-year increase of 1.3%, and the scale hit a record high.

△On November 2023, 11, the audience watched the robot make tea at the 23nd Global Digital Trade Expo.

At the site of the 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo, driverless cars, outdoor live work robots, etc. competed to appear, and digital creativity, digital healthcare, digital entertainment, etc. found application scenarios... With the help of digital trade, more and more new technologies, new products, new services and new scenarios have been transformed from dreams to reality, not only bringing vitality and vitality to thousands of industries, but also broadening the depth and breadth of a better life for people around the world.

Through the Digital Trade Fair, Cambodian Longan, which hitched a ride on China's e-commerce free ride, opened up a new world of sales; Ethiopian growers' coffee beans are transferred to China through overseas warehouses, where they are processed and packaged into hanging ear coffee, and then sold by live streaming platforms, with a significant increase in sales.

Of course, while digital trade is booming, it is also facing multiple challenges. One of the most pressing challenges is the lack of global rules for cross-border digital trade.

In his congratulatory letter, President Xi Jinping pointed out that in recent years, China has actively aligned with high-standard international economic and trade rules, established and improved the digital trade governance system, promoted the reform, innovation and development of digital trade, and continuously provided new opportunities for the world with China's new development.

China has been committed to creating an open, inclusive, fair, just and non-discriminatory environment for the development of the digital economy, and promoting the high-quality and sustainable development of global digital trade. The first Digital Trade Fair released a number of research results, standards and rules around the five major systems of digital trade industry, platform, ecology, system and supervision; At this year's Digital Trade Fair, a number of blockbuster achievements such as the Hangzhou Initiative on Digital Trade Cooperation and Development and the China Digital Trade Development Report were released.

China's rapid investment in digital trade infrastructure and technology in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere has had a transformative impact on the local economy and increased local participation in the global digital market.

In the face of the complex situation and many challenges of the global economy, openness and cooperation are the right choices to meet the challenges and achieve a win-win situation. The holding of the Digital Trade Fair reflects China's firm support for an open world economy.

△China Pavilion of the 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo

China's road to becoming a trade power is inseparable from the world, and the world's prosperity and development need China even more.

Making good use of the Global Digital Trade Expo as an international public service product and promoting the formation of more pragmatic cooperation results will surely shape new advantages in the development of digital trade and add impetus to world economic growth.

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