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Videos circulated on social media platforms during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, showing the Israeli provocation to the Palestinians, most notably a message from a soldier giving his daughter - on the occasion of her second birthday - a bombing of a house in Gaza, in an act that tweeters on social networking sites considered to reflect psychological illness among the occupation soldiers.

A video posted by websites and multiple media outlets showed an Israeli officer saying: "I dedicate this bombing, on the occasion of her second birthday, my daughter, I miss you. And you'll be proud," he said, and then the countdown to the moment of the explosion begins.

Afterwards, the multi-storey residential building in the Gaza Strip is shown to have suffered a massive explosion.

Other clips of Israeli provocation were also circulated on social media, including a video of an Israeli soldier named Mattin Cohen – posted on his TikTok account – playing a guitar over the rubble of a house in Gaza. When many asked him who the guitar was and where he got it from as long as he was on a battlefield, he later deleted the clip.

It turned out that the guitar owner is a Palestinian singer from Gaza named Hamada Imad, who wrote on his Instagram account: "I know this guitar very well, my father gave me this guitar 15 years ago, and I quickly lost my father in the attack on Gaza in 2014, and now they have come to take the last thing I have from him."

Stealing everything in Gaza

Tweeters and commentators on social media criticized these behaviors, and the episode (2023/11/26) of the program "Shabakat" highlighted some of them, as the soldiers' actions were considered a reflection of the ethics and brutality of the Israeli occupation.

Lamees described the Israeli officer's actions as "a shocking level of psychopathy expressed by Israeli soldiers; no single soul can dedicate a bombardment to a child. What's so exhilarating about that?"

Fatima considered that "the amount of boasting indicates a great inferiority complex felt by the Israeli soldiers, as they jump, laugh and jump to tease the Palestinian in any way, but - unfortunately - this only reflects their brutality."

Narges tweeted: "The bombing of the house of innocent civilian residents is a gift for a two-year-old girl! They say the resistance is terrorist! Doesn't the world see these passages? They owe themselves to it."

In her comment, Samar went in the same direction, saying: "They broke into the sanctity of homes, destroyed them, dug up the memories of their residents, stole their dreams; they want to steal everything from the residents of Gaza."

Many commented on another clip of an Israeli soldier, sitting in a house abandoned in Gaza and suggesting to take the sofa with him to his wife, by saying "steal everything from Gaza."

Source : Al Jazeera