In the appeal, the legislator noted that at present, participants in the Special Military Operation and members of their families are exempt from paying personal income tax (PIT) on gratuitous payments, material assistance, etc.

At the same time, Fedorov noted that the spouses of the participants of the special military operation, who combine labor with independent raising of children, have tax deductions when paying wages on equal terms with other citizens (1,4 thousand rubles is the amount of tax-free deduction for the first and second child, 3 thousand rubles for the third and subsequent ones).

"In order to support the participants of the Special Military Operation, who have dependent spouses who combine raising children with work, I ask you to instruct you to consider the expediency of a tenfold increase in the amount of tax deductions for children for working spouses of military personnel for the entire period of the latter's participation in the Special Military Operation in Ukraine," the text of the appeal says.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin recommended that the regions provide subsidies for gasification to the participants of the NWO.