Part of the handing over of the Qassam to the third batch of Israeli prisoners in Gaza City (Al-Jazeera)

On the 51st day of the Israeli war on Gaza, Israel and the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), completed the implementation of the third phase of the prisoner and detainee exchange, while international efforts continued to extend the temporary truce that expires on Monday.

The Qassam Brigades confirmed the handover of 13 Israeli detainees, 3 Thai detainees and one Russian detainee to the Red Cross, as part of the third phase of the exchange.

Hours after al-Qassam released a third batch of detainees, the Israel Prison Administration Authority announced the release of 39 Palestinian prisoners, all of them children.

On the second day of the Red Cross, on Saturday, the Red Cross received the second batch of detainees: 13 Israelis and 7 foreigners outside the framework of the agreement, while Israel released 39 Palestinian prisoners, after stalling for hours in the implementation of the exchange agreement that was bypassed by Qatari-Egyptian efforts.

Here are the highlights of the day:

  • Israeli President: We will extend the truce if Hamas releases more detainees.
  • Biden: We will not abandon the two-state solution.
  • Netanyahu: We welcome the release of 10 detainees for every day of truce.
  • The Emir of Qatar thanks the Egyptian president for his efforts to achieve a truce in Gaza.
  • Red Cross: We succeeded in facilitating the release of 17 detainees in Gaza.
  • Thai and Russian detainees arrive at the Rafah crossing.
  • Biden: The exchange process is successful and must continue.
  • 12 released Israelis arrive at the Hatzerim base.
  • Syrian army: We intercepted Israeli missiles coming from the Golan.
  • Israeli Prime Minister's Office: Netanyahu met with soldiers in Gaza.
  • Gunmen seize a ship in the Gulf of Aden.
  • Red Crescent: We sent 50 aid trucks to Gaza and the north.
  • Wall Street Journal: Negotiators hope to extend truce by 4 days.
  • Israel: We are preparing to carry out the third phase of the prisoner exchange.
  • A farmer was killed by Israeli gunfire east of Al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.
  • Al-Qassam mourns a number of its most prominent commanders and fighters.
  • Government Media Office: The truce revealed the magnitude of the great massacre committed by the occupation.
  • 7 Palestinians were injured by Israeli gunfire in Tal Al-Hawa and the vicinity of the Indonesian hospital.
  • A comprehensive strike in Jenin.
  • Palestinian prisoners arrive at al-Bireh Square in Ramallah.
  • The released prisoner Israa Ja'abis arrives at her home in occupied Jerusalem.
  • 17 detainees are transferred to the Rafah crossing to be handed over to Israel.
  • Al-Qassam handed over 13 Israelis and 4 foreigners to the Red Cross.

Source : Al Jazeera