The Civil Guard is investigating the origin of some official uniforms of the armed institute that four immigrants wore in the vicinity of the Center for the Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI) in Ceuta and that they had taken from a garbage container, as they explained.

Sources from the armed institute have reported that the investigations have been carried out after a photograph was disseminated on social networks in which four young sub-Saharan immigrants appear wearing polo shirts, caps and sweatshirts of the Civil Guard uniform.

After that, the Civil Guard has found out the identity of these people and once located in the vicinity of the CETI of the autonomous city, has removed their garments.

The migrants have explained to them that they had taken them from a garbage container in the city, so the armed institute has opened an investigation to find out the identity of the owner of those garments and how they got there.

The event has been denounced by Jucil with a message on the social network X in which he says "it is not acceptable" that the Civil Guard is "always" in a situation "deficient in personnel and means".