One week left until Advent, the people of Råå started their Christmas market already on Sunday. The Christmas market is arranged by local associations.

Several young entrepreneurs from different high schools in Helsingborg participated with their products.

"We're selling a book that's aimed at children. It's about how you can act more environmentally conscious as a primary school class," says high school student and entrepreneur, Saga Carlsson.

Santa Claus spread Christmas spirit

Saga Carlsson was in good company with Santa Claus who also showed up at Råå this November Sunday.

"I'm here to see how the children are doing," Santa told SVT News Helsingborg's reporter.

The plot also had sustainability in focus. At least when it came to the question of false beards or not.

In the clip above, you'll find out if Santa's beard is real or fake and hear about the young people's involvement in the Christmas market.