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Political analysts confirmed - speaking to the program "Gaza ... What's more?" - The prisoner exchange deal shows that the Palestinian resistance is in control of the rhythm, despite the devastating war waged by Israel on the Gaza Strip about two months ago, which means that the resistance achieved its goals from the "Al-Aqsa Flood" operation, while the occupation failed to achieve its goals.

According to the senior researcher at the Al Jazeera Center for Studies, Dr. Liqa Makki, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has set its goal in releasing Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons, while Israel said that its goal behind the war on Gaza is to "completely destroy Hamas," stressing that what is happening today proves that the Palestinian resistance begins to achieve its goals, unlike the occupation, which did not do so and does not seem to do so.

In light of what is happening in the exchange deal, "the rhythm is still in the hands of Hamas," Makki pointed out that Israel would not have accepted a truce with the Palestinian resistance if it had not been forced to do so, because it cannot free its detainees in Gaza as promised to the Israelis.

Dr. Ibrahim Rabaya, an academic and researcher in political science, said that the current rhythm is set by the images that appear on television that show that the resistance in Gaza controls the place and time of the prisoners' handover.

He stressed that the resistance showed that its hand was supreme, as detainees were everywhere, including in areas where the occupation army had displayed its strength and said it controlled it.

The academic noted that the image presented by the resistance in its dealings with the people who were detained in its custody shook the narrative it is trying to paint to the world, so those released are prevented from speaking to the media. Meanwhile, the released Palestinian prisoners spoke to announce their prison conditions in order to convey the issue of the prisoners who have not yet been released to the Palestinians and the world.

Is the truce extended?

Regarding the possibility of extending the current truce to a comprehensive ceasefire, the senior researcher at the Al Jazeera Center for Studies said that putting the phrase "extendable" in the truce agreement indicates the possibility of extending it until reaching a stage where the Palestinian and Israeli sides are convinced of the futility of continuing the war, especially Israeli citizens who will demand an end to the war when those detained by the Palestinian resistance are released.

He pointed to the existence of strong contacts, in addition to the words of US President Joe Biden and other US officials on the issue of extending the truce, and "if the truce is extended again, talks on a ceasefire will become in place, but these talks require settlement initiatives because the descent of Israeli leaders from the tree requires American and Western pressure."

Makki noted that the US national security adviser spoke to a US network about an idea to provide conditional aid to Israel, which means that Washington wants to pressure Israel through aid and accept the American logic of conducting the war.

The academic and researcher in political science also explained that the United States, in light of the internal pressures it is experiencing, is trying to reach acceptable solutions, but not far from a political path and settlement, because Israel's descent from the tree is linked to prices that it must offer to its public in order to restore its prestige that it lost on October 7.

Qatari mediation efforts, in cooperation with Egypt and the United States, succeeded in reaching an agreement on a humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip that will last for 4 days, which can be extended, starting last Friday.

Liberated captive

On the other hand, the liberated administrative prisoner, Hanan Barghouti, spoke as part of the analytical stand on Al-Jazeera channel "Gaza... What next?" about the conditions of the prisoners and their dreams, and said that the joy of releasing her and the rest of the rest in the exchange deal will not be complete until after the reconstruction of Gaza and the liberation of all of Palestine.

She added that the resistance, which they used to call "the owner of absurd rockets", was able to challenge the Israeli army, which is described as one of the strongest in the world.

She pointed out that the prisoners inside the occupation prisons withdrew from them all means of communication that provide them with news that takes place abroad, but expressed her hope that all prisoners will be freed as long as the resistance is fine.

Hanan Barghouti extended her greetings to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, saying, "Gaza and all of Palestine will return, God willing."

Source : Al Jazeera