09.00 Question Time

Ministers answer questions from members of the Riksdag directly in the Chamber. From 23/11.

10.15 Anonymous witnesses and duty to provide information about HIV

Interpellation debates in the Riksdag. Ministers respond to written questions submitted by members of the Riksdag. From 24/11.

11.30 Forum: Politics and Society

12.00 Report

12.03 Qur'an Burnings – Measures and Consequences

How has Sweden been affected by the Koran burnings, how does the legislation differ between Sweden, Finland and Denmark and what does the way forward look like? Organizer: Society and Defence. From 26/10.

13.30 Forum: Politics and Society

14.00 EU magazine

Some of the latest debates in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and other EU news are commented on and analysed. Host: Niklas Svensson. From 23/11.

15.00 Sweden Democrats' national days in Västerås

Speeches and interviews from the weekend days. Host: Ted Wigren.

16.00 Report

16.05 Events today

Here you can see a longer tableau

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