• Israel-Gaza War: Second Hostage Delivery Completed Delayed
  • War between Israel and Hamas Hamas welcomes Sanchez's "clear and bold stance" on the war in Gaza

The third Hamas hostage exchange for Palestinian prisoners is expected to take place on Sunday in what will be the third day of truce in the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. At the same time, hundreds of trucks carrying humanitarian aid continue to enter the Gaza Strip, besieged and devastated after seven weeks of intense Israeli bombardment in retaliation for the bloody Hamas attack on Israeli soil on October 7.

Over the past 24 hours, Israeli forces operating in the occupied West Bank have killed at least eight Palestinians, according to Palestinian Health Ministry officials.

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Hamas to release 13 hostages and Israel to release 39 prisoners on Sunday, according to Egypt

The head of the State Intelligence Service, Diaa Rashwan, who acts as the Egyptian government's spokesman, said on Sunday that Egypt has received a list of 13 hostages who will be released by the Islamist group Hamas today, while Israel will release 39 Palestinian prisoners.

"Today, Sunday, Egypt received the list of detainees in the Gaza Strip, which includes 13 Israelis, as well as a list of 39 Palestinians in Israeli jails who are scheduled to be exchanged between the parties today," Rashwan said in a statement.

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Sanchez says condemning the killings in Gaza is not ideology but humanity

The President of the Government and Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, said on Sunday that "condemning the vile attacks" of Hamas and the "indiscriminate killing" of civilians in Gaza "is not a question of parties or ideologies, it is a question of humanity".

At an event organised by the party in Ifema which, according to the organisers, was attended by some 9,000 militants from all over Spain, Sánchez thus responded to Israel's criticism and the support expressed by Hamas for his words on the conflict. He also pointed out that, although "it is impossible" to ask the opposition to support the government on this issue, "I am going to demand that it be with Human Rights".

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Gunmen attend the funeral of those killed in the Israeli raid in Jenin early this morning

Residents of Jenin carry the bodies of Palestinians killed after an Israeli raid and ensuing clashes in the refugee camp in the West Bank city early this morning, during the funeral procession.


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Israeli troops kill farmer during third day of truce in Gaza

A Palestinian farmer was killed and another wounded by Israeli troops in Gaza on Sunday, the third day of a ceasefire between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas that began on Friday, the Red Crescent medical services said.

"A Palestinian was killed and another was wounded today" in the eastern area of the Al Maghazi refugee camp, in the center of the Strip, the medical teams said on the social network X.

"Despite the humanitarian truce entering its third day, Israeli occupation forces recently attacked two farmers," the Media Luna added, as citizens and authorities in Hamas-controlled Gaza take advantage of the days of temporary stoppage in the war to assess the extent of devastation.

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Feijóo accuses Sánchez of breaking the EU's "consensus" on Israel with his "idea" of Palestinian statehood

Popular Party PresidentAlberto Núñez Feijóo on Sunday accused Pedro Sánchez of having broken the "consensus" of the European Union on the conflict between Israel and Palestine with his "occurrence" of defending the creation of a state in Gaza during his visit to the country this week, which has provoked congratulations from the Islamist group.

Feijóo made these statements to the media at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, together with the president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The leader of the opposition has criticised that "a terrorist organisation [such as Hamas] has congratulated Mr Sánchez and his government" for their statements in Israel against the military attacks in Gaza and for the defence of the creation of a Palestinian state as a solution in the region. "We do not see ourselves reflected in the foreign policy of his government," he replied.

Feijóo has especially censured that Sánchez expressed that opinion on a trip as rotating president of the EU, understanding that "he has not consulted with anyone, breaking the consensus of all previous governments" and added that "it would be good for him to comment with his colleagues in the EU if they agree with it". "I anticipate that it won't," said the popular leader. In particular, he called on the Prime Minister "not to create a diplomatic conflict in the context of a military conflict" with a foreign policy that he described as "absolutely eccentric" for not being able to "distinguish" between respect for the Palestinian population and condemnation of Hamas' terrorist attacks.

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Pope Francis welcomes truce between Israel and Hamas, as well as release of hostages

Pope Francis on Sunday welcomed the temporary truce between Israel and Hamas, as well as the release of some of the hostages captured on October 7, and urged more humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip.

"Today we thank God that finally there is a truce between Israel and Palestine and some hostages have been released," said the Argentine Jesuit, whose words were read by another cleric as the pontiff suffers from a mild flu. "Let us pray that all of them will be released as soon as possible – let us think of their families -, that more humanitarian aid will enter Gaza and that dialogue will be insisted upon: it is the only way, the only way to have peace. Those who don't want dialogue don't want peace," he added.

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Israel accuses Ireland's prime minister of 'normalizing terrorism'

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen on Sunday accused Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar of "normalizing terrorism" after he celebrated the release of nine-year-old Israeli-Irish girl Emily Hand, saying she "got lost" and without mentioning that she was held hostage by Hamas in Gaza.

"Mr. Prime Minister, it seems that you have lost your moral compass and need a reality check. Emily Hand was not lost, she was kidnapped by a terrorist organization worse than the Islamic State that murdered her stepmother," the head of Israeli diplomacy said on the X social network, before snapping: "Shame on her!"

Hours earlier, Varadkar had celebrated Hand in X along with 12 other Israeli hostages who left Gaza on Saturday as part of the agreement to exchange hostages for Palestinian prisoners and the temporary ceasefire with Hamas. "This is a day of enormous joy and relief for Emily Hand and her family. An innocent girl who went missing has now been found and returned, we breathe a sigh of relief," the Irish president wrote, in a comment that made no reference to Hamas or the fact that the girl was taken captive at the hands of Palestinian militias.

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Hamas confirms death of senior military commander and three other leaders

Hamas' armed wing confirmed on Sunday the death of the commander of its brigade in northern Gaza, Ahmed Al-Ghandour, and three other senior officials during the Israeli offensive against the Palestinian Islamist movement. The Ezzedin al-Qassam Brigades said in a statement that Ghandour, considered a "terrorist" by US authorities, was a member of Hamas' military council. Another of the dead was Ayman Siyyam, introduced as the head of the rocket-firing units.

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Qatar sends a minister to Gaza, the first international official to visit the Strip

Qatar's Minister of International Cooperation, Lolwah al-Khater, and a delegation of Qatari officials entered the Gaza Strip on Sunday to discuss priority humanitarian aid needs, marking the first high-level international visit to the interior of the Palestinian territory since the start of the war.

According to Palestinian sources in Cairo, the delegation led by Al Khater will hold meetings in Gaza with officials of the Palestinian government and the United Nations inside the enclave, all within the framework of the four-day truce established between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas to allow the release of hostages and prisoners. as well as the entry of humanitarian aid. In this sense, the source indicated that what Al Jater will seek is to establish priorities, analyze medical needs and look for technical mechanisms to increase the number of trucks that arrive daily in the territory.

To date, no senior official of any country or institution had entered the territory since Israel began its retaliation against the enclave following its terrorist attack on October 7.

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German President Reiterates Israel's Right to Defense Before Traveling to Tel Aviv

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier reiterated Israel's right to defence before travelling to Tel Aviv on Sunday on a solidarity visit that will also include Bundestag President Bärbel Bas. "No one can deny Israel the right to fight terror effectively," Steinmeier said in a video message ahead of the visit. However, he also warned of the need to protect civilians and respect international humanitarian law: "Measures to remove civilians from the line of fire are indispensable. Added to that is the need to supply basic goods. That is something that international humanitarian law requires and that we expect in Germany as well."

Germany, Steinmeier said, is providing humanitarian aid to Gaza and during his visit wants to talk to the Israeli authorities about ways to get certain products to them during the pause in fighting. "For us there is no argument: every life is worth the same as another. From a humanitarian point of view, we make no distinctions. Our solidarity is with all the victims of this war," he said. "But politically you have to differentiate, because the terror that Israel suffered on October 7 cannot be repeated."

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UN denounces that Israeli forces continue to detain Gazans trying to reach the northern Gaza Strip

The daily report on the situation in Gaza published by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs denounces that Israeli forces continue to prohibit passage from the south to the north of the Strip, while detaining Gazans moving along the "corridor" established along the Salah Ad Deen road at security checkpoints. The UN expresses its concern in the document for children who have been separated from their parents at these controls and forced to walk alone to the south in the face of the increase in cases in recent days, and reiterates the "urgent" need to create protective teams for these minors.

On Saturday, the second day of a pause in fighting between Israel and Hamas, 187 trucks carrying humanitarian aid entered Gaza. In addition, some 129,000 liters of fuel arrived in the Gaza Strip, as well as four cooking gas tanks from Egypt.

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Israeli forces kill at least eight Palestinians in escalating violence in West Bank, health officials say

Israeli forces operating in the occupied West Bank have killed at least eight Palestinians in a 24-hour period, Palestinian health officials announced on Sunday, the third day of a truce in fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The Ministry of Health has reported the deaths of five Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp and three others in different parts of the West Bank.

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Second Hostage Delivery Completed Late

Following mutual accusations of violations of the agreement that put the truce on the line, Israel and the fundamentalist group Hamas carried out the second round of the release of Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners several hours late. U.S. President Joe Biden's personal intervention with Qatar and Egypt saved a very fragile pact.

Read the complete information about Sal Emergui in EL MUNDO.

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Israel reviews the list of hostages scheduled to be released by Hamas on Sunday

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said Sunday that it has received the list of hostages that Hamas is scheduled to release today on what will be the third day of truce in the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

The statement, published in X, said that "security officials are reviewing" the list and that "this information has been communicated to the families of the hostages."

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