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Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu (right) visiting his troops in the Gaza Strip


According to its own statement, the terrorist organization Hamas is seeking an extension of the four-day ceasefire agreed with Israel. The aim is to get more Palestinian prisoners out of Israeli jails in exchange for hostages, Hamas announced in the evening.

The well-connected investigative reporter Barak Ravid wrote about the Israeli reaction in the evening on X, formerly Twitter: "The Israeli War Cabinet is currently discussing the release of the hostages in the Gaza Strip and the possibility of extending the ceasefire. An Israeli official told me that Israel was prepared to extend the ceasefire for one day if Hamas released 10 more hostages.

After a phone call with U.S. President Joe Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared, "There is an agreement that allows for the release of 10 more hostages a day, and I welcome it." But he also assured Biden that once the ceasefire expires, Israel "will continue to destroy Hamas with full force."

Extension of six days possible

The Qatari-brokered lull in the fighting between Israel and Hamas was initially scheduled to last four days. It came into force on Friday morning. All parties expressed their readiness in principle for an extension if further hostages against prisoners were released. According to Qatar, an extension of an additional six days would be possible.

In the first three days, Hamas had already released 40 Israeli hostages as part of the deal. In return, 117 Palestinian prisoners were released from Israeli jails. This Monday, the release of ten more hostages is expected.

In its terrorist attack on Israel on October 7, Hamas deported about 240 people to the Gaza Strip. In Israel, it is believed that just under 180 hostages are still in the hands of the extremists.