The grey-banded king snake Ingeborg was a success when she visited the library in Sölvesborg on Saturday. Together with her owner, snake expert Rickard Ljunggren, Ingeborg and several other snakes were there so that children could meet them and learn more about snakes.

"It reduces fear as you get to meet snakes in an orderly manner, and it can prevent you from developing a fear of snakes," says Rickard Ljunggren, who has written several books about snakes.

He also wants to spread knowledge about what to do if you encounter a snake in nature.

"Keep a distance of two metres, maybe take a few pictures and then leave the animals alone.

"Thought snakes could blink"

The children stood in line to touch, hold and take pictures together with the grey-banded king snake Ingeborg.

"I was really scared because I really hate snakes, but I learned a lot about snakes. I thought snakes could blink, but they can't," says 9-year-old Ester Henriksson.