Israel and Hamas, the Islamic organization that effectively controls the Palestinian Gaza Strip, released 3 Israelis and others held hostage by Hamas on the 26th, the third day of the standstill, while Israel also released 17 Palestinians held in prison. After this, the focus will also be on whether the agreement will be fully implemented and the cessation of hostilities will be extended.

Israel and Hamas have agreed to suspend hostilities for four days from the 24th of this month, to release 4 Israeli children and women among the hostages held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, while Israel releases 50 Palestinians held in prisons.

On the 150th, the third day of the cessation of hostilities, Hamas released 3 people, including 26 Israelis and three Thais.

One of the liberated Israelis also has Russian citizenship, and the Israeli media reports that the release was at the request of the Russian side and was not based on an agreement with Israel.

The day before, on the 14th, Hamas delayed the release of aid, claiming that it had not been delivered to the Gaza Strip as agreed, but there was no major disruption on the 3th.

In addition, Hamas is handing over hostages to the Red Cross in the north of the Gaza Strip instead of the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and it seems that it is also aimed at suppressing Israeli claims that Hamas is losing its military power in the north.

On the other hand, the Israeli government also announced on the 17th that it had released 1 Palestinians who were held in prison.

Ahead of the last day of the fighting pause, Hamas issued a statement on the 25th, saying, 'I want to extend the period of the combat pause by increasing the number of hostages to be released after this.'

On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inspected the troops deployed in the Gaza Strip on the 26th and said, "The goal of the war is to destroy Hamas, recapture all the hostages, and ensure that the Gaza Strip never becomes a threat to Israel again.

However, in Israel, there are voices from the families of hostages who have not yet been released to extend the cessation of fighting, and the future response of the Israeli side will be the focus.