The Canadian capital, Ottawa, witnessed thousands marching in support of Palestine (Anatolia)

Arab and Western capitals and cities witnessed several marches and demonstrations in support of Palestine and to condemn the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, which is subjected to Israeli aggression, leaving tens of thousands of martyrs and wounded, in addition to widespread destruction of residential buildings and vital facilities.

Despite official European and American positions in support of Israel, demonstrations came out to condemn the occupation for committing war crimes and genocide in the Gaza Strip, and demanding its complete cessation before the end of the temporary truce between Israel and Hamas.


On Sunday, tens of thousands of Moroccans participated in mass marches in support of the Gaza Strip and rejection of normalization with Israel, at the invitation of the "Moroccan Front for the Support of Palestine and Against Normalization" (non-government), and raised pictures of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the victims of the Israeli war on Gaza.

The demonstrators chanted slogans including "The people of the Far Maghreb are with the flood of Al-Aqsa", "The people want to overthrow normalization", "The people want the liberation of Palestine", and "Gaza... Gaza. A symbol of pride."

The protesters also chanted slogans praising the ability of the resistance to impose its terms in Hamas's interim humanitarian truce agreement with Israel.

Last December, Morocco and Israel resumed diplomatic relations after being frozen since 2000, in a move rejected by popular and political forces in the kingdom.

The marchers rejected the silence of the international community in the face of what Israel is committing against the Palestinian people.

Children participating in the march were keen to wear the Palestinian keffiyeh and clothes that include the slogans of the Palestinian flag and reflect the sacrifices of the Palestinian people.

Doctors and lawyers in professional clothes participated in the march, chanting slogans in support of Palestine.

A huge scene from the Great March in Casablanca in support of Palestine and the overthrow of normalization

— Hassan Bennajeh – Hassan Bennajeh (@h_bennajeh) November 26, 2023


Milan, Italy's second largest city, witnessed a march of support and solidarity with Palestine for the seventh consecutive week.

Hundreds of participants gathered in front of the Sforzesco Castle in central Milan, chanting slogans demanding freedom for Palestine and an end to Israel's ongoing atrocity crimes in Gaza.

Italian protester Alessandra Sperfigleri said she preferred to participate in the event rather than shop, believing that the genocide in Gaza must stop.

Demonstrators in Milan raise slogans demanding an end to Israeli crimes in Gaza (Anadolu Agency)


The Canadian capital, Ottawa, witnessed thousands marching in support of Palestine, and demonstrators gathered in front of the parliament building, demanding a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Demonstrators also chanted slogans calling for Palestinian independence and an end to the genocide in Gaza, and the march was the most widely attended pro-Palestine event in Canada to date.

They chanted for the freedom of #فلسطين and demanded an end to the "genocide" in #غزة. Thousands participate in a mass march in support of Palestine in the Canadian capital #Ottawa #GazaWar

— Al Jazeera (@AJArabic) November 26, 2023


The German capital Berlin also witnessed one of its largest demonstrations against the war on Gaza at the historic Brandenburg Gate, with thousands of participants raising slogans in support of the Palestinian cause and criticizing the government's support for Israel with money and weapons.

Demonstrators also took to the streets of the German city of Aachen to support Palestine, despite the cold weather, and the crowd gathered near the central train station, carrying Palestinian flags and chanting slogans such as "Free Palestine."


Thousands of people marched in support of Palestine to the headquarters of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland.

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of the UN office in Geneva to protest Israel's attacks against Palestinians, and later marched towards the headquarters of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, raising Palestinian banners and flags.

Participants in the march denounced the practices of the Israeli forces, chanted slogans calling for a complete ceasefire and an end to the war, and denouncing the killing of children and women in the Gaza Strip.

Thousands take part in a pro-Palestine rally in Geneva, Switzerland (Anadolu Agency)


Voices have been raised in France calling for an end to the Israeli war on Gaza and in support of the Palestinians' right to establish their own independent state.

Despite the crackdowns and calls by some quarters to criminalize supporters of Gaza on charges of anti-Semitism and support for so-called "terrorism", solidarity marches with Palestinians are taking place in the streets of major cities, signaling signs of a change in the mood of the French street towards the Arab-Israeli conflict.


Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Trafalgar Square in central London to show solidarity with Palestinians against the Israeli occupation and to demand an end to the war on the Gaza Strip.

The demonstration was attended by Britons from across the spectrum of society, accusing their government of colluding with Israel in its war on the Gaza Strip, and calling on it to stop selling weapons to the Israeli occupation.


Several Indonesian cities also witnessed demonstrations condemning the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and demanding a permanent ceasefire, and the participants in the demonstration raised slogans demanding the lifting of the siege on the Gaza Strip, the entry of humanitarian aid and the cessation of the war.

Demonstrations in several Indonesian cities to demand a permanent ceasefire and condemn Israeli shelling on the #غزة
news sector #حرب_غزة

— Al Jazeera (@AJArabic) November 26, 2023


Dozens of people marched in the Swedish capital Stockholm to denounce Israeli attacks on Gaza and show solidarity with Palestinians.

Demonstrators gathered in front of the Swedish parliament and marched to the Israeli embassy in Stockholm waving Palestinian flags, banners denouncing the genocide in Gaza, and others denouncing the occupation and calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a "criminal."

Participants in the event expressed criticism of the support provided by Sweden and the United States to Israel.

A march in the Swedish capital Stockholm to denounce the Israeli attacks on Gaza (Anadolu Agency)


Women in Turkey's eastern province of Van launched balloons into the sky to express grief and honour the women killed in Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

The event was organized by the Directorate of Women and Family Services in the municipality of Edremit on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, corresponding to November 25 of each year.

Women gathered on the Edremit coast overlooking Lake Van, then rode bicycles and marched to the town square in groups to draw attention to the need to combat violence against women.

A number of lawyers held a protest in Istanbul in solidarity with their Palestinian colleagues killed by Israeli attacks.

The lawyers gathered in Sultanahmet Square to read a statement titled "The doctrine of human rights has collapsed" and signed by about a thousand human rights defenders.

Participants in the vigil laid their cloaks on the ground with plaques bearing the names of their colleagues who lost their lives in Israeli attacks.

The statement stressed that the Palestinian territories have been subjected to occupation, siege and oppression for many decades, and are now witnessing unimaginable atrocities.

He stressed that Israel has been committing massacres of civilians in the Gaza Strip since October 7.

Women in Turkey launch balloons in the sky to express grief and honor the women martyred in Gaza (Anadolu Agency)

Source : Al Jazeera + Agencies