COP28: 60 French CEOs mobilize for the ecological transition

Four days before COP28 in Dubai, 60 presidents of major French groups are calling for investments in the ecological transition to be accelerated. They wrote an op-ed in the Sunday edition of the daily newspaper La Tribune.

A herd of Arabian oryx in a conservation area in front of the rooftops of the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in January 2023. Dubai will host COP28 from 30 November. AP - Kamran Jebreili

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It is possible to build a new prosperity that is compatible with the limits of the planet, say the signatories of the op-ed. Among them, the big names in construction, energy or transport, such as Air France or the container transport giant, CMA CGM.

The captains of industry are thus launching an appeal to all economic actors, public authorities and citizens. "There is an emergency, we are mobilized," they insist.

As for their companies, which are often singled out for their massive contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, managers stress that they have solutions and innovation capacities to invest quickly in decarbonized production and consumption models.

The challenges are numerous: reducing waste, regenerating nature, but also supporting the most vulnerable... This is because this transformation should lead to more equity. But to achieve this, the big bosses insist, we need everyone's support.

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