Shanxi is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. Every brick and tile here is full of the weight of culture. Shanxi is not only a witness to history, but also the inheritor of civilization, and a splendid chapter of history, culture and natural beauty.

Follow a group of AI posters, walk into Shanxi, and look for "Jin" goodness and "Jin" beauty.

Here, the Jin merchants wrote a glorious history. Spanning millennia, they have left a deep mark on the years with their perseverance and business acumen. Today, the spirit of Jinshang is still taking root in the land of Shanxi, inspiring generation after generation to continue to pursue excellence and write a business legend in the new era.

Here, every ancient building is a witness of the times. The unique wooden pagoda of Yingxian County, the magnificent Hanging Temple, and the Yungang Grottoes full of mural treasures, the ancient buildings of Shanxi not only show excellent craftsmanship, but also contain profound cultural heritage and philosophical thoughts.

Here, the majesty of the Taihang Mountains and the tenderness of the Yellow River are intertwined, creating a vibrant and harmonious natural picture. Stroll through the magnificent Loess Plateau and feel the majesty and ancient atmosphere of nature. Whether it is the heart-shaking Hukou Waterfall or the calm Fenhe Bay, every scenery in Shanxi is fascinating.

Here, the ancient art of vinegar brewing is combined with the unique geographical environment to give birth to the commendable intangible cultural heritage balsamic vinegar. Every drop of aged vinegar contains the wisdom of the people of Shanxi and the pursuit of quality.

Here, every food carries a long and long-lasting life. From the delicate and soft knife-cut noodles to the fragrant haggis, from the unique noodle wowo to the intangible cultural heritage of the old vinegar, Shanxi's food is not only mouth-watering, but also makes people feel a kind of historical inheritance and regional soul.

millennium context,

modern elegance,

It's all in Shanxi.

Drawing: Sino-Singapore AI Lab