Updated Wednesday,22November2023 - 15:01

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When the original product is of quality, so is the result. And in this case, excellent. If we add to this the experience, the traditions passed down from generation to generation and the ability to know how to adapt and innovate by offering a different, unique and varied final product, there is no other choice but to become part of that exclusive group that configures, annually, the specialized contest Worlds Best Vineyards.

A perfect combination of tradition and innovation, inspiration and authenticity, originality and balance. Because although innovating in the wine sector may seem unthinkable, Bodegas Muga has demonstrated with great elegance how to do it, transferring their passion for wines and vineyards to the end customer. And this is evidenced by the fact that it has received the award, as it has become part of the most prominent brands worldwide according to the Worlds Best Vineyards 2023.

This recently released list highlights the world's best winery destinations and takes into consideration the nominations of nearly 500 wine, travel and wine tourism experts from around the world.

And that is why, at Bodegas Muga, their work is evident every day. Not only with the care and pampering that is given to each of its wines, but also with the ability to continue growing and innovating in front of the public, trying to provide knowledge in an attractive and different way about the process of creating such diverse wines, inviting the customer to live unique recreational experiences and enjoy a wide portfolio of wine tourism activities that land as a novelty in the sector.

At Muga they always use the noblest materials and open their doors to new techniques that improve quality without losing authenticity. For this reason, to make each of their wines, they maintain that respect for traditions through the natural process of clarification, eliminating the suspended particles that appear in the wine. They also carry out the racking (passing the wine from one barrel to another to separate the impurities and sediments from the liquid), by the traditional method of gravity.

In fact, Bodegas Muga can boast of being the only winery in Spain with a master cubero and three of its own coopers. They make their barrels with the best oak, giving them the right inner toast to achieve wines of unique character.

According to Juan Muga himself, "I am very pleased to receive this award because it is the result of the work of the entire winery wine tourism team and all our travel companions and partners, who complement our great tourist offer and help us project our brand image inside and outside our borders." He also stated that "this recognition stems from the legacy passed down by the second generation. My father Manolo, my uncle Isacín and my aunt Isabel were already committed to opening the doors of the winery to publicize our traditions, gastronomy and way of understanding the culture of wine. A passion and a philosophy that we continue to champion from the third generation."

Vineyards and wineries: another way to get to know them

Seeing the vineyards, the landscape and enjoying the Rioja fields and the winery atmosphere of the house up close, becomes a different experience when you choose to do it on a segway, a fun and sustainable experience that is complemented by a fun picnic in the open air and the subsequent visit to the winery.

Enjoying a tasting in pleasant company and learning from the best in the Tasting Room of the Torre Muga Space, fully adapted and equipped and with capacity for 20 people, will be another option that many attendees will want to experience.

And for the more daring, there are other options. Those who want to remember this visit to Bodegas Muga in a totally different way can choose to get to know the vineyards from above. A hot air balloon ride and a subsequent lunch near one of the vineyards is the mark that Bodegas Muga will leave on its visitors, an experience that is difficult to forget and totally recommended for all types of public.

"Bringing La Rioja and the world of wine to the whole world is easier today. Doing it hand in hand with one of the most prominent brands in the world in the Worlds Best Vineyards is a luxury. Bodegas Muga is waiting for you.

Other recognitions

  • The "Worlds Best Vineyards 2023" spans five continents and showcases the best vineyard experiences from around the world.
  • Muga was named last year as one of the 12 best wineries in Europe for wine tourism according to the media outlet Decanter.
  • The winery has also won the "Best Of International" award, in the category of Innovative Experiences and Sustainable Practices.
  • In terms of sustainability and the environment, the winery in the Barrio de la Estación de Haro has the Sustainable Wineries for Climate Protection certificate, and has photovoltaic installations that currently cover 33% of the total annual consumption of the facilities.

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