, Beijing, November 11 (Reporter Guo Chaokai) Wang Yi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Minister of Foreign Affairs, met with reporters after holding talks with French Foreign Minister Colonna in Beijing on the 25th.

A reporter asked how he views China-EU relations under the current situation. Wang Yi said that at a time when the international situation is changing and intertwined, China firmly supports Europe in moving towards unity and self-reliance, and always believes that Europe is an indispensable part of a multipolar world and a vital pole in global stability. As two major global powers, two major markets and two major civilizations, China and Europe should adhere to their independence, maintain historical determination, safeguard the right path between mankind, and define and deepen the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership.

Wang Yi pointed out that China and the EU should be practitioners of multilateralism, resolve crises through dialogue and negotiation, firmly promote international cooperation to address challenges, and jointly promote multilateralism and global governance. As long as China and the EU join hands, bloc confrontation will not occur, world division will not occur, and a "new Cold War" will not be fought.

China and the EU need to be advocates of open development. The essence of China-EU cooperation is complementarity and mutual benefit. Of course, there will be competition in cooperation, but competition should not be afraid of cooperation. The risk that needs to be eliminated most is the uncertainty caused by pan-politicization, and the dependence that needs to be reduced the most is to return to the trap of protectionism at every turn. We will listen to the voices of the European business community, earnestly solve the problems of investors in China, continuously improve the level of services and capabilities, and build an international and law-based business environment. The two sides should work together to enhance the reliability and stability of China-EU economic and trade relations, and jointly maintain the smooth and stable flow of industrial and supply chains.

China and the EU need to be promoters of dialogue among civilizations. Where the world is headed depends largely on how human beings deal with each other's differences. China and the EU should carry out exchanges and dialogues in an open and inclusive manner, and make common progress and development through mutual learning and mutual learning. China looks forward to increasing people-to-people exchanges, deepening people-to-people and cultural exchanges and strengthening ties of friendship with more European countries.

Wang Yi stressed that France is a core power of the EU, adheres to the EU's strategic autonomy, and is committed to building a China-EU partnership based on mutual trust and mutual benefit. China is willing to continue to work with France to promote greater development of China-EU relations. (ENDS)