Venice will pay well in 2024 to fight against overtourism

It was the municipality of the Serenissima itself that ratified this decision. Starting next April, visitors will have to buy their admission during the busiest periods of spring and summer. A monetized regulation of flows that makes Italians react.

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Tourists in Venice, Italy (illustration photo). AP - Luca Bruno

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With our correspondent in Rome, Blandine Hugonnet

No more tourist invasions in the City of the Doges. At least for a total of 29 days next year. Between April 25 and July 14, you will have to pay 5 euros to spend the day strolling between the Venetian canals between 8:30 a.m. and 16 p.m. This is what the Venice City Council defined on Thursday, November 23.

Travellers will have to book this ticket online in advance, and validate it at one of the seven checkpoints that will allow access to the historic districts. Those who bypass the gates will risk a fine of up to 310 euros. Enough to preserve this Italian jewel, says this Milanese who regularly visits the Serenissima.

For me, Venice is unique in the world and it's a real open-air museum, so it's normal to pay even if it's just to walk around.

A paid entrance that can certainly be a deterrent, but without any limit for the time being. This is what poses a problem for Matteo Sechi, a defender of the dwindling number of Venetian residents.

Venice is neither an amusement park nor a museum, it is a city where people live, and the main demand was that the number of visitors be limited in critical periods.

This is a first test, defends the mayor of Venice. A numerus clausus may be introduced after this experience, a paid entrance fee that hopes to help safeguard a city classified by Unesco and threatened by the passage of 20 to 30 million tourists a year.

The cost of this first test of paid admissions is estimated at €3 million for revenues of around €700,000 for the city of Venice.

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