Pamukkale is a distinctive natural photography place, especially at sunset when it forms a charming painting (Anatolia)

Many grooms prefer to take pictures and immortalize their wedding day in a historical place, and the most prominent of these places located in Turkey is the Pamukkale area - the White Castle - in the southwestern state of Denizli, which has turned into an open-air studio for couples who want to immortalize their special wedding moments, not only from Turkey but from the world.

Visitors to the unique Pamukkale, formed by healing mineral waters, can enjoy the surrounding ancient towns, and access to the old swimming pool, which has a temperature of 36 degrees in summer and winter.

Pamukkale area has turned into an open studio for couples who want to immortalize their special wedding moments (Anatolia)

Two white dresses in one place

The couple chose Halleh and Ilhan Pamukkale as their wedding location, as they expressed their happiness to crown their most special day in this tourist area.

"We came to Pamukkale with our friends a few times before, so I wanted the wedding photos to be here, we wanted the photos in our album to be taken in this area," said bride Halle.

"I had the opportunity to immortalize my best day among historical monuments, this is the most beautiful photo shoot in the world, and Pamukkale Castle is one of the most important spaces for photography, it is a unique natural studio," Halle added.

Groom Mohammad Ilhan said, "Two white dresses came together in Pamukkale, my wife's wedding dress and Pamukkale's dress, to take unique pictures of the dresses."

"We are very happy that we have chosen this special place, and we recommend it to everyone," Ilhan added.

Mehmet Ilhan: Two white dresses that came together: my wife's wedding dress and Pamukkale's white dress (Anatolia)

Wedding Photography of Foreign Grooms

Lately, couples prefer to take pictures and commemorate their most special wedding day in Pamukkale, or White Castle, which is a natural photography place, especially at sunset when it forms a charming painting in the region.

Party photographer Mehmet Toplo, who has been working in Denizli for about 16 years photographing weddings, said that "demand has increased in recent years in Pamukkale, where visitors come as an outdoor filming location."

Party photographer Mehmet Toplu: Bridal demand for outdoor photography has increased in Pamukkale (Anatolia)

He pointed to the state's tourism diversity, noting that this "world-famous tourist centre has begun to attract the attention of foreign and local couples."

"Foreigners also come to us after seeing the photos we take and post on social media. This year we took pictures of the wedding of 7 foreign families in Pamukkale, we have reservations in the coming period, and we expect this kind of demand to increase in the future."

Pamukkale has become an attraction for foreign grooms to photograph their weddings (Anatolia)

Pamukkale is a tourist destination

Pamukkale continues to occupy a privileged position as one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey, and to be a magnet for tourists throughout the four seasons.

The area, also known as the "White Paradise", hosted one and a half million visitors in the first 8 months of this year.

According to official data, between January 1 and August 31 of this year, more than one million and 512 thousand visitors visited the region, compared to one million and 285 thousand who visited the region during the same period in 2022.

Throughout the year, foreign and domestic tourists continue to flock heavily to Pamukkale, which is one of Turkey's most important tourist areas with its historical richness, white limestone rocks and thermal waters.

Source : Anadolu Agency