• Basque Country The strange leak of Urkullu's departure reveals the internal bankruptcy in the face of the threat of Otegi
  • Politics The Faces of Nationalist Succession in the Basque Country

The current Provincial Deputy for Infrastructure, Imanol Pradales, becomes Andoni Ortuzar's proposal to head the PNV's electoral list for next year's Basque elections and try to stop Bildu's electoral pull.

Yesterday it was leaked in the press that Iñigo Urkullu will not be the PNV's candidate for lehendakari in the 2024 elections. A decision taken by the management of Andoni Ortuzar that will not be ratified until next Monday when the Euzkadi Buru Batzar (EBB) meets. The leak that Urkullu has been removed from a feasible fourth term visualises the cracks in a PNV threatened at the polls by the electoral growth of EH Bildu. Urkullu's farewell marks the end of a golden decade for Basque nationalism, which from 2012 to 2023 has governed Basque institutions together with the Basque PSOE.