According to the senator, Arakhamia's statement characterizes the entire policy of Ukraine.

"This characterizes Ukraine as a state that listens to instructions from abroad. From the European Union, from the United States, from Johnson. That is, it is a non-independent, puppet state, guided by instructions from abroad. And this leadership brings great trouble to the Ukrainian people and, in principle, destroys Ukraine as a state," Tsekov said.

He added that the situation in Ukraine is very difficult, even critical.

"They are asked questions and they try to somehow justify themselves to the citizens of Ukraine, but they do it very stupidly and clumsily. They show their essence and the essence of this Ukrainian state... show the insignificance of the current Ukrainian political elite," the RT source said.

He also drew attention to the fact that Boris Johnson's attempt to ban the negotiation process with Russia indicates that for him the lives of Ukrainians are nothing.

"Fight, fight, fight. At the same time, although he did not say "for the interests of England", but in fact the Ukrainians are fighting for the interests of England. Boris Johnson is the man who contributed to the mass death of the people of Ukraine. But he is an accomplice, and the executors are the president of Ukraine and his entire entourage, including Arakhamia. Arakhamia is in the forefront of those people who destroyed the people of Ukraine," Tsekov concluded.

Earlier, the head of the Servant of the People faction and a member of the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, David Arakhamia, in an interview with the 1+1 TV channel, said that former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dissuaded Ukraine from signing any peace agreements with Russia.